For a lot of years, I scrambled around a bit in life, trying to “figure out” how I was an artist or how I could BE an artist, doing art projects, art classes or trying to “fit in” doing art in my life while I was doing other things to support myself. More recently, I realized that I have been living an artistic life and that “living my life through art and with art” is actually my purpose. This was a beautiful realization and my enjoyment of life has expanded so much that I wanted to share! I think there are MANY of us creative people who would enjoy actively and knowingly living their artistic life. So join me and let’s get this adventure going!

I’m an art teacher, a mother, grandmother, an artist, a traveler, an art appreciator and a fun lover. My interest in art began when I was about 5 years old, but my interest in technology and education did not start until I was in my 20’s. I’ve done a few online sales of paintings; staff development for language arts teachers and tutors; helped to start a tutoring center; earned college degrees in drawing and painting, education media design and technology and art education; purchased and remodeled several houses; sewed my own clothes; taught high school and elementary school art; and created teaching websites. One thing for sure, I never want to give up on exploring new things and creating in new ways! To me, that’s what enjoyment of life is all about. Through this blog, I plan to share some of my fun with you; perhaps you’ll share some of your fun with me, too. Are you on my wavelength?