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Sometimes we look at our past experiences and let them stop us from ACTION in the present. Have you ever had the experience of wanting to do something — talk to someone new at an event or go to a party or festival or concert — but you decide that you won’t. No good reason. Maybe you had a negative experience related to that in the past and so you stop yourself “before you have another negative experience”.

To Engage in Life or Not to Engage in Life?

That is the question. Ha ha! I couldn’t resist. But, really. Think of something that you recently wanted to do but didn’t do for no good reason. Maybe you can come up with reasons, but not really good ones. Here is a suggestion. Think of something that you would like to do, but have poor reasons for not doing.

Maybe you want to take voice lessons but you think your voice is not good enough. Duh! Why would you take lessons if it were? Not a good reason.

Or maybe you want to go to a museum, but you don’t want to go alone. Okay. Not really a good reason because you don’t need someone with you to look at art. Hmmm. I mean, you’re looking at art.

Try It Out!

Here is a little challenge for you. You know that thing you thought of earlier? Decide you will go ahead and do it. And do it. Then leave me a replay or email me or use the contact me form to let me know how it goes.