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Recently, I went exploring with a new friend. I had met her a couple of years ago, but had never developed more than a friendly acquaintance.

A Great Neighbor

Yes! I had a wonderful day with my neighbor! She moved in next door over 2 years ago. We always spoke when we saw each other in the yard, but that is as far as our friendship had gone. Now, this is a very likable lady, younger that me, and truly expressing a joy and enthusiasm in her life. So it was easy for me to see that she would be a wonderful new friend.

Her passion for creating an aesthetic environment was evident from the way she worked on fixing up her house and to how energetically she worked in her yard. In almost no time at all, her yard was beautiful with palm trees and groupings of plants and a green lawn.

She was always laughing, always working in her yard and she always looked beautiful.

One day, It occurred to me that we had a love for creating an aesthetic environment in common and that she was AWFULLY good at it! So I asked her if she wanted to go check out some of the cute little shops in the Belleair area one Saturday morning. Of course she did! And she had never known about them. A new adventure!

Exploring Unique Shops

So much FUN! If you live in the Tampa Bay area and you haven’t checked out the shops and restaurants in the Largo and Belleair area, you have a treat in store for you! But I’ll talk more about those in the next blog entry. For now, I want to emphasize how much fun it was to get to know my neighbor as a new friend with common interests.

As we travelled from shop to shop, we talked about what we liked and what we wanted to do with ourĀ  yards or our patios or our houses. Her ideas were so good that she inspired me. She has very definite ideas about what she likes and she made a few purchase for her house and pool are that will really add to their beauty and usefulness.

The stores we shopped at were Coastal Market 607, Coastal Market and Design, The French Nest Marketplace and Marcotte’s Design. All of them within walking distance from each other on Largo Road.

Just listening to her ideas and seeing what she bought sparked new ideas in me. By seeing her viewpoint, mine expanded and I came up with new ways to make my space more beautiful.

NOTE TO SELF (and to you, too)

Getting together with likeminded people generates more energy for me to get things done in my life. Who do you know that you could get to know more? My life is richer with more friends in it.

I would love to hear about how you developed a new friendship.