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Do you sometimes have those days when the chores around the house just seem like, well, chores? Cutting the grass? Doing the laundry? Mopping the floors? Or you look around and it just all looks overwhelming? And you just kind of feel uninspired?

So how do you get inspired? I’m sure there are plenty of ways to do it and I would like to hear yours!

Here’s how I do it. First, if I’m feeling REALLY uninspired, I will take a walk. Maybe it’s just a 10 minute walk around the neighborhood, just looking at things and not thinking a lot. The idea is that I put my attention OUT on the environment. This usually gets me into a better mood.

Then I come up with a way that I can put some kind of creativity into what I’m about to do. For example, if it’s mowing the lawn, I may notice a bush that could be cut back to show off a place for a hanging flower basket. Okay, now I’m inspired to cut that grass, clip back that bush and go to the store and pick up a new hanging basket.

Wow! That looks so good now, that I feel inspired!  It doesn’t HAVE to be anything expensive! In fact, it could be as simple as using some contact paper on an old table top or a can of spray paint on an old chair. In fact, it could be just coming up with the idea that I want to have lunch out on the patio.

Hmmm. But the pool needs to be brushed and the patio needs to be pressure washed. So I’ll invite a friend to come have lunch with me on Saturday; now I’m inspired to do that cleaning chore! Ha ha!

A couple of weeks later, and the pool is brushed and clean, the deck is pressure washed and I have a few new flowers and plants decorating my pool area. i felt so happy when I jumped in my pool today and sat beside it playing with my dog. I had created a beautiful area to enjoy. Here are a couple of pics!

What do you do for inspirations? [By the way, those projects made me want to do several more in that area.]