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So in the first “Make Something” we made a collage and I told you how I make up a few rules and then do the collage. Sometimes I even change the rules as I go along, but I promised that i would make a couple more using the same rules as last time. So here goes!

The rules were:

  1. Use colors that are similar to each other (analogous colors).
  2. Use text pages for the background – horizontal lines – and layer with wavy lines.
  3. Create unity by using random pattern – repeating some shape or line throughout.


Last time, I started with analogous color (colors that are side by side on the color wheel) and used warm colors – yellow, orange, red-orange. This time, I’m using yellows, greens and blue-greens. So I just run through some of my toss-away picture books or magazines and pull out some pictures of those colors. These are SO easy to get from old atlases or encyclopedias or even old magazines.

Remember, no stress. We are just playing here.

Horizontal and Wavy Lines

Just like in the last project, I pull out some text sheets for horizontal lines in the background, but this time, I decide on the spur of the moment to cut them in straight strips and glue them down onto the page. I add to that with cutting wavy strips of the colored paper and gluing it down between the straight ones. I still have no idea of what I am going to do with it. That’s okay. I’m not even trying to figure it out.

An Idea!

Suddenly, I’m reminded of the ocean and palm trees. Hmm. I think I’ll tear and cut some paper to make some simple palm tree shapes. So I do! I do this at a pace that feels good to me. If you like to work fast, work fast! If you like to take your time and be precise, do that. Art should be enjoyable, not painful, unless, maybe, you like pain? Yikes!

Unaltered Magazine Collage

Changing Your Mind

This is your create, your object. If you change your mind part of the way through, change the rules. There’s no law against it! I changed my mind about adding the random patterns and decided to digitize it right away.


There are so many ways to do this, but I’m sticking to the same way we did it last time. Using the free version of Pics Art, click on the pink plus sign, select your picture and play around with the settings. Here’s how mine turned out!

Digitized Version of Palm Trees Collage

After making this, I had the idea that I would do a bit more alteration on it and turn it into my Christmas carts for this year. I find that one idea often leads to another and before long you are having SO much fun you can stop living that artistic life!