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One of the goals that I had for the year was to reconnect with those people whose friendships stood out as having been exceptional over the years. What a great idea! I’ll bet that you can think of a few. That friend you just felt incredibly comfortable with from the very beginning or the one who would always have the best ideas of things to do. I’ve had a few such friends.

One very special one, I met when I was 10 years old and she became my best buddy all throughout school and college. We both attended the University of Georgia in Athens, GA many years ago and roomed together. After college we moved to different states and rarely spoke and even more rarely saw each other. So, we decided to get together in our old stomping ground of Athens, GA. And since we had both studied art, we decided to tour the new art facilities there.

Me and My Artist Friend
Here we are in the ceramics studio. Our favorite place!

We rented an Air B & B for three days and walked all around the campus. And since we have a lot in common, we decided a few things that we wanted to do and set out to do all of those things:

  • Take some hikes
  • Go to the Botanical Garden
  • Eat at the Grit
  • Find our old house
  • Play with some art materials

We did all of those things and had a wonderful time of it!

Suggestions for Reconnecting with Old Friends

I reached out through texts and social media to a handful of old friends. There are different ways of reconnecting and how you want to do it is a very personal thing. But the common denominator is to communicate with them in some fashion.

Once you are talking, you can decide where you want to take it. There are a couple of friends that I would meet at an Air B & B, but most might be a visit to their house or an invite to my house. Some I just write back and forth with, but whatever way you do it, reconnecting and sharing common interests is a joyful activity! I would love to hear how you do it.