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Getting back together with old friends can be a very rewarding and creative experience. Just think of the best things that you did with that person. For me and my friend, Laura, that was looking at art and making art, so we both brought some arty materials with us.

In the intervening years, however, we had both started enjoying gardens and nature walks. Since Athen, GA had both a fantastic botanical garden and a nature center, we knew we wanted to do some walking and exploring.

State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Sandy Creek Nature Center has over 4 miles of trails and we walked most of them; the State Botanical Garden was amazing with lots of different kinds of gardens. I sat and did the sketch above in the gardens. I highly recommend checking them out if you get to Athens. But I have a very STRONG suggestion that you use some kind of bug spray. I have a natural oils one that works very well for me, but I had forgotten to pack it. Ugh! Chiggers made a buffet meal out of me! So don’t forget to pack your bug spray!