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Doing Things with Friends

Life is just fun when you are doing things with friends. And as a creative person, perhaps you are looking for a few unique things to do with friends. Here are just a few of the adventures that I’ve had with friends in the last few months.


I attended a conference with some of my best friends this year. Of course, they had similar interests, so it was of interest to them as well as to me. While we were there we visited the local sites and shops as you might imagine. In one high end jewelry store, the young man convinced me to try on a $17,000 necklace! Kind of fun!


This summer, three of my friends and I took a trip to Savannah together. Believe it or not, it was not that expensive either. It was a teacher forum at Savannah College of Art and Design, and although all of us were not “artists”, we were all artistic, so this was perfect! We did art classes and we explored Savannah. So FUN! I wrote a little more about this one in an earlier blog, My Arty Trip to Savannah.

While we were there we checked out some of the historic sites, checked out the interesting shops, visited a museum, did a ghost tour and sketched outside in one of the famous parks.

Childhood Friend

Another friend, my friend since childhood, and I met in our college town at an Air B&B for a few days together. It turns out we still had almost everything in common! It was an incredible get-together and we had not spent any time together in 40 years!

We discovered an incredible botanical garden nearby and went there and sketched. (I do like to sketch.) We hiked some of the trails around the town, checked out some interesting and delicious places to eat and generally wandered around. We toured our old school and visited an arts center with incredible art on display.

There’s more about this one in two earlier posts, Reconnecting with Old Friends, Part 1 and Part 2.

Local Fun

Some friends of mine and I went on an art walk in Saint Petersburg, Florida. If you come to the Tampa Bay area in Florida, you do not want to miss this! We got to talk with some of the artists and artisans and I was able to purchase some really pretty handmade earrings. Included in the art walk was Duncan McClelland Gallery, where there was a live demonstration of glass blowing and a live band playing. My favorite gallery!

Create Your Own Adventures

Actually, I don’t think even I realized how many fun and unique things I had done with friends just this year (and this does not even cover a fraction) until I started writing this. (Can you see how tired I am holding up that mosaic stepping stone that I had worked on all day?)

Look back at the things you have done with friends this year. You may find you’ve done a great deal. Or you may decide to create a few more! I’d love to hear about some of your unique adventures with friends.

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  1. Love the stepping stone. I don’t know about the other friends, but you are definitely an artist! 🙂

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