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Values in Business

I’ve been doing a short business class this week. Just a week long. But each day we focus on something different. The assignment on Monday was regarding your values in your business. We were to brainstorm our values relating to our business and to hone it down to 2-4 basic values.

My Business Values

What I came up with was this:

  • Conscientious – as in completing my work in a timely manner, being on time to appointments, taking responsibility for mistakes, being reliable;
  • Enthusiastic – as in keeping a fun attitude, enjoying the moment and looking at work as play, keeping the game going;
  • High Integrity – as in caring about the people who work with me, my customers or clients and people I come in contact with every day, as in being fair with everyone and ensuring a great exchange with all of those people, fair pay for employees, great products for customers, honest communications and
  • Creative – as in taking that moment to think about how an experience can be better, how a training can be more interestingly presented, how a product can be more aesthetic or useful.

My Personal Values

Not surprisingly, these are the values that I have in my personal life and they are the values that I look for in the people with whom I associate. So this is a little nod to those wonderful friends out there. You see a few of them on this page. Thank you!

2 Replies to “Values in Life”

  1. Well done on your new blog. A couple of tips, hoping you won’t mind my input:
    🔴 Design a logo and once done, create a Favicon for your site (that’s the little image that appears on the tabs at the top of your browser). If you have any problems in doing this, happy to help;
    🔴 Carefully review each post BEFORE posting to make sure that there aren’t any spelling or grammatical errors in it;
    🔴 Make your photos clickable and tag them with key tags that Google and other search engines can pick up and drive traffic to your site. If you like, I can send you a simple guide on how to do this latter thing.

    Regarding values, I operate my business (and life generally) on the acronym – F.A.I.T.H………
    ….all of which work for me. If I ever make an honest mistake (we all do at sometime), then it’s easy to fix whilst maintaining my reputation.

    Kerry, you mentioned in your comments on my own site that you wish I was in the USA. May I suggest that the tyranny of distance doesn’t really apply in this age of digital communications. So, if you ever feel like reaching out, please feel welcome to do so.

    Your new Aussie friend – Phil Manhire 🐝😎

    1. Thank you, Phil. I appreciate your advice and I will certainly take it. I haven’t done much with my site since I started my second business. Hoping to get back to writing again. I certainly enjoy it.

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